While the hardware things, iPhone 12 series has taken all the charm in Apple event earlier this week, the company has announced a new photography mode that gone unnoticed. Named as Apple ProRAW, this new setting will let users take a completely raw image as said. This will be free of any processing and gives users a lot of flexibility in editing.

A New iPhone Camera Mode

Apple has finally showcased its first-ever 5G handsets, the iPhone 12 series earlier this week. These phones come with skyrocketing price tags as usual but seem to have adequate features to compensate. Out of the camera and 5G connectivity that the company has focused on, one feature that’s blurred from everyone’s notice is the new camera mode – ProRAW.

This new option will be available in Apple’s native Camera app later this year, and not when launched. This is just like the Deep Fusion and Portrait Mode, which were pushed in later updates. Also, this feature will be available to only the two higher-end devices, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max variants.

When available, it will let users take a completely raw image from their iPhones. Raw in the sense they are completely free of automatic editing, thus losing the powers of Smart HDR and Deep Fusion iPhones have. While this results in large file size and complex image, it gives the user complete flexibility over his capture.

He could tone map, sharpen, adjust white balance, mix channels and add highlight touches. This ProRAW feature works using all the cameras and without any shutter delays. Photos taken with that can be edited in the native Photos app. Also, Apple said it will be releasing an API for this to let third-party developers set this in their apps.

Apple has long wanted its mobile photographers to have what they wanted. While the beginners may feel slightly disappointed with such raw images since they don’t come processed, it rejoices the professional photographers. Apple didn’t reveal when exactly this feature would be coming to the iPhone 12 handsets, and the availability to other iPhones like the 11 series.

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