What does STG mean?

STG mean “Swear towards God.” It can also stand for “Shoot the Game Up,” SubTheGamer,” and “Sterling (Currency). Here’s more information on all of these meaning and definitions of STG and examples of its use.

STG is the acronym for STG.

Stg which is also known as STG is an abbreviation for text which means “swear towards God” It is used to convey fervent conviction or extreme frustration, for instance, I swear that I forgot my keys on the desk last night but I’m unable to locate the keys.

Stg. (with a period) is frequently used to refer to an abbreviation of “sterling” for British money.

What is STG in Video Game

STG is a term used in video games to be a reference to the “Shoot It Up” game genre within the genre of action (i.e. games like Space Invaders and Asteroids). For instance:

  • Lee What kinds types of games would you play?
  • Leigh: To me, it’s still impossible to beat a great STG!

Where is the STG come from?

The first recorded instances for STG being an abbreviation for “swear towards God” are around the mid-2000s. It is commonly used for text messages and online, at the very least.

Similar to most abbreviations used in a text, STG is most likely to get used by young people on the internet or through text messaging.

Acronyms that are similar to STG


Its STG definition is similar to the ISTG meaning however there is an additional letter that is added to this acronym. The extra I at the beginning refers to the person declaring this, and the acronym ISTG is “I Swear to God”


It’s also like STG. It is very similar to ISTFG meaning, however, there are additional letters added within the acronym. The”I” is the person who is saying it, while”F” is an expletive “F” can be an exclamation point added to the expression. ISTFG means “I Swear To F****** God”.

Other Meaning of STG

Slaves to Gravity

STG also stands for an abbreviation of The band called Slaves to Gravity. The group was founded in 2006. It was based in London, England. The band performed alternative rock that was in existence for over five years.

Crying to God

The meaning of STG is that someone is in conversation with God. In this instance, they are screaming to put an emphasis on the words they are saying. It is similar as swearing to God.

Shoot ’em up

The alternate meaning for “STG” isn’t commonly used, but it is a reference to the film Shoot ’em up. It’s also what shooting games are often referred to in Japan.

Since it is spoken using letters of its own (i.e., “Ess Tee Gee”), STG is typically categorized as an abbreviation for initialism. Initialisms differ from acronyms that are pronounced as words.

Star Trek Generation

This alternative meaning for STG is related to the Star Trek Generation which is a film series that grew from a TV show which was the first broadcast around the year 1960. The show includes a variety of films and books, as well as video games as well as other media. It is also akin to Star Wars. Star Wars media franchise.

Super Tan Girl

Super Tan Girls is another name for STG. Super tan girls are ones who has been spending lots of time in the sun, which has led to her skin looking darker and/or “tan”.

In the case of abbreviations for “Sterling,” is STG. Certain contractions, such as STG utilize letters of the word that is fully expanded in order. Others, like Dr, make use of letters that are at the beginning and end of the word’s fully expanded word. They can also be made by substituting a letter or letters by the apostrophe (e.g.”can’t”).

What does STG mean in Mechanics?

Steam Turbine Generator

STG means Steam Turbine Generator in Mechanics. A steam turbine is a machine that extracts thermal energy from pressurized steam and uses it to do mechanical work on a rotating output shaft.

What does STG mean in NFL Teams?

St Louis Gunners

In NFL Teams STG reffers to St Louis Gunners. The St. Louis Gunners were a professional team of independent professional football that was based within St. Louis, Missouri which played in the final three games of 1934’s National Football League season, taking over Cincinnati Reds. Cincinnati Reds on the league schedule following the Reds were suspended.

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