While the latest Chapter 157 of Dr. Stone has given us enough excitement, Chapter 158 is expected to give us more of that. The all-new Chapter 158 of Dr. Stone is scheduled to release on July 12th, as per Omnitos. Raw images, leaks, or spoilers of Dr. Stone’s Chapter 158 are yet to come.

Dr. Stone Chapter 158 Release Date and Leaks

Dr. Stone has gained enough craze in just three years of launch. Riichiro Inagaki’s idea of a guy waking up in a world where everyone’s petrified is amazing. The 16-yo kid, Senku’s aims for making a scientific civilization by converting those petrified civilians back to normal life is received well by fans. It’s released in Weekly Shonen Jump and is awaiting the next chapter.

As of now, an anticipated act of the upcoming Chapter 158 of Dr. Stone is the group making the icecream! From Chapter 157, Senku travels to his past when he’s working under Dr. Xeno, before being separated by his father. His uploads of petrified research into the internet are even noted by US CDC and NASA.

Stanley, on the other hand, warns everyone about the petrification still happening as they move out. Whereas Max offers Luna a platinum ring and wants to be with her. But Luna is finding a man she wants to marry. What happens next should be known in Chapter 158. It’s available from Viz.com, Manga Plus and Shonen Jump app.

The official release of Dr. Stone’s Chapter 158 is on July 12th, 2020. This is the same for all the countries around the globe. More specifically, it’s scheduled on July 12th at 4.30 PM GMT and 1 AM JST (Japanese standard time). Thus, check for the different zones for exact release time.

Well, few fan translations can give you a glimpse of what the next chapter could be like but aren’t recommended. Waiting for official release is suggested since they’re accurate. But if you’re still interested in knowing the leaks, keep following us for updated links and news about Dr Stone and other Anime releases.

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