Thrive Theme Builder is a visual front-end altering administration that permits WordPress clients to plan and construct their themes without requiring any coding abilities. Essentially, what it does it allows you to assemble, alter, and redo each part of your WordPress site with a visual intuitive creator. It let you make changes that influence a few pages, even many of them, on your site. So, make your one of a kind WordPress site with 100% front-end visual theme building enchantment. No coding expertise required! 

Points of interest: 

  1. Creating Stunning Themes:

Thrive Theme Builder Will assist you With structuring and modify some format based themes. With the Thrive Theme Builder, you get the chance to plan your ideal theme and change it any way you need to. You needn’t bother with any coding abilities, and you can utilize the site creation wizard to construct your optimal theme in just a few minutes. 

  1. Front-End Visual Editor: 

Thrive Theme Builder, permits you to alter your site from the front-end. Front-end visual altering makes it simpler for you to follow transforms you make to the site. You get the chance to see whatever transforms you make to the site in a flash. Additionally, With the Thrive Theme Builder, any progressions that you make to a blog entry apply to the whole site.

  1. Smart Optimized Templates:

Thrive Theme Builder Will Let You Choose to Build From Scratch Or Use Existing Templates. In addition, Thrive Theme Builder Will Let You Create Mobile-Optimized Themes 

  1. Speed/Time Saver: 

Thrive Theme Builder comes furnished with a site set-up walkthrough wizard that will hold your hand through a progression of steps to get your first site live in less than 15 minutes. Rapidly change brand components wherever with a single tick, or redo each pixel to your needs. 

Important Features: 

1. Smart Color Technology: 

This feature lets clients change the brand-hues in their site with only a single tick. You can likewise refresh all the text styles on your site utilizing this element. 

2. Drag-and-Drop Feature

All you need to do is choose an item and decide where you want to place it. That’s it.

3. Keen Dynamics Templates 

As opposed to altering explicit words or pictures on your site, this component empowers you to utilize placeholders. 

4. Shapeshift Theme 

The theme accompanies pre-introduced configuration formats for pages, posts, and page segments. It likewise incorporates landing page formats, all improved for change. 


The Thrive Theme Builder is FREE for all current Thrive Members. Furthermore, Thrive Membership value begins at just $19 every month or $228 per year.

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