Right now, Spotify isn’t working for too many music lovers. The Music player app is down for too many users. First, the outage detected by the Down Detector service from Okla.

Spotify down the second time within a week. There is something wrong going on with online streaming apps in this pandemic situation.

Other online video stream app from bytedance , TikTok is also hit by the outage today. Both the sites are not responding from the last 30-40 Minutes.

It’s not clear, what is the main reason behind this outage. But, we hope these sites will get online soon.

Before these google owned services, youtube and Gmail also hit by the outage. But this outage was not that big.

But TikTok is hit too bad. We noted more than 50,000 reports on Okla down detector. The outage reports on of Spotify are more than 10k.

There is no official announcement from these companies on their twitter accounts or other social media channels.

The people hit twitter and tweets about the problem they are facing. That means, if you are facing this problem then you are not alone. Stay back try other apps like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook.

Or you can try new google doodle games to away your boredom.

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