Snapchat down outage effect too many region

Snapchat is down again in 2019. Thousands of sharing their issue on Twitter. Before this on June 4th Snapchat and other google services were down.

According to the Down detector by Okla, Snapchat is having issues since 4:12 PM EDT.

It is not clear where the problem is. But this time too many users are hit by this Snapchat outage.

If we see the Down detector map of an outage, then the UK and the Eastern part of the united state is most hit.

Embed from Getty Images

Snapchat is also down in the other region of the world but maybe users asleep that’s why not sharing issue of the outage.

Snapchat Outage Map

In this week other tech gaming giant was also down, Xbox live facing the outage issue two times within a week.

On the first week of September Yahoo service also affected by the outage. That outage was for almost 8-9 hours.