Reddit Down

Reddit is down for all users since 3:17 PM. This was confirmed by Reddit’s status page where it stated that Reddit has identified the issue and is working to find a solution. It was confirmed by DownDetector that shows an increase in problems on Reddit around 3:17 pm. As of now, those who go to are presented with a message that states the CDN is unable to connect to Reddit’s servers. But, as the issue is now identified, the issue is likely to be resolved soon.

Another outage is affecting Reddit since a lot of users have flooded Twitter to ask if the site is down for all users. Downdetector has also revealed a huge increase in the number of reports that indicate that the service is down and is not functioning.

The disruption that occurred to the site, where users post content that is approved by a vote, was discovered via Down Detector, a site that monitors social media sites their status.

Reddit Status, a Twitter user Reddit Status tweeted at around midnight that users were experiencing “intermittent problems” and “we are currently looking into this problem.”

If you are also facing issues then you are not alone, almost every Reddit user facing the issue right now.

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