Reddit Down

Reddit is hit right now. All the users are getting the 503 or 504 Gateway time Out error on their screen. Some of the users get the message “Our CDN was unable to reach our servers”. Page loading taking too much time.

The issue was first detected by the Okla Down Detector. Outage Monitor detects a huge Spike in the Reddit down reports.

The Gateway timeout 504 or 503 error is coming out when the server is not connecting or may be due to MySQL error.

The User in all over the world experience difficulties to excess the front page of the Internet.

Before this Google and Youtube face the same problems all over the World.

The twitter was flooded with too many tweets regarding #redditdown. Some of the interesting tweets are below.

One user tweeted: “Dammit Reddit….#redditdown”.

Another posted: “Am I the only one having trouble loading Reddit? #RedditDown”.

One added: “Reddit isssssss down”.

Reddit is Working Right Now, but some features are still slow. Reddit shares on their @redditstatus twitter account, that they are working on the issue.

The home page of the Reddit is working but, subreddits are not opening correctly. The Reddit is going down again and again.

Reddit posts and comments are not loading too. The images and texts are not loading.

After the outage Redditors get on twitter and tweet about the outage issue. There is no official notification from twitter regarding this issue. They may be aware of this issue and resolving the issue.

All the other features of the Reddit al working fine, only image and post-loading are not working.

This Post is updated on 30 August, 2020

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