It is a tough aisle to cross when you have increase visitors on your site. More the visitor, more the merrier for your revenue. However, as with all thing’s novice, Artificial Intelligence is being introduced to the field of website traffic. The Loci Cycle has joined the armoury of AI-based tools which can remedy your traffic concerns with no infirmity for competition or the vertical of your website. The estimations make a mark here as profit can run into more than a thousand dollars a week, while you will be spending somewhere between $3500 to $4000 to insulate yourself into the Loci cycle. The perks of using the Loci Cycle are breath-taking, but we’ll hold on a bit to provide you with an all-encompassing review of the same.

Understanding the Loci Cycle: Who, What, and How?

The Loci Cycle was brought to the fore by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz and the intended purpose was educational. The evident aim was help student-led and student-held websites to generate more traffic, and consequentially secure more revenue. Steadily, the tool was supposed to have an ubiquitous AI-led response across different social media to harness content for goods and services. The bridged semblance of the Loci cycle was to put the website owner in the driver’s seat through their understanding of the content and revenue generation mechanism.

Running through the revenue stream: What does Loci Cycle bring to the table?

Loci Cycle entrenches many aspects of the traditional revenue generation mechanism through a website. The purported approach is simple: create a website and push traffic to the website. The fundamental block is to rescue the website owner from the intermediary blockades such as customer services, service fulfilment, suppliers, or inventory. The Loci cycle model strictly relies on assessing and entertaining direct clientele to the website. The process is known as a cycle because of a step wise approach used by the Munch and Cruiz:

  • Ladder-step 1: There has to be a consolidated effort to bring the customer to the website door
  • Ladder-step 2: The customer had to be convinced to buy the products and services being provided on the website
  • Ladder-step 3: The vendor has to reflect some part of the proceeds of the sale to your cash bank because you followed Ladder-step 1: attracted the customer home
  • Ladder-step 4: The vendors fulfil his promise of the delivery and serves the product to the customer.

Blending the Loci Cycle with the Loci Farm

If you are an affiliate marketer willing to make the push to higher earning, Loci Cycle offers you the perfect blend of opportunity with Loci farm. Similar to the Loci Cycle, the Loci Farm work through a hierarchical mechanism.

  • Builder-step 1: Create a Loci Farm.
  • Builder-step 2: Use the Loci Form to adopt a criteria of low competition high profit.
  • Builder-step 3: Make your copy available and paste it into a mini-Loci farm to make promotional offers.
  • Builder-step 4: Leave it to the AI-driven Loci Farm to ensure traffic is generated to your site.

Loci Cycle offers you the chance to scale the heights of revenue, the only condition is to walk the ladder and builder steps carefully!

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