Latest Leaks Reveled PS5 Price and Launch Date.
Latest Leaks Reveled PS5 Price and Launch Date.

Since its inception from 1994, the video-game making the wing of Sony will be celebrating its 25-year anniversary on December 2nd 2020. This date is the most probable one for launching the grand PlayStation 5, as per latest rumours.

With previous launch records, the company is most likely launching at the year’s end, so you could probably be thinking this to be around December 2020. Yet, considering the fact that PlayStation turning 25 on 2nd December, it’s expected to be on the grand date this time.

These revelations come from the famous leaker PSErebus. PSErebus has a fine track record of leaking such info in the past and that turned to be true. This includes finding the exact date of The Last of Us Part II.

He tweeted as, “Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will launch PlayStation®5 (PS5™) in several countries in the holiday season of 2020 and will make PlayStation®5 (PS5™) available in North America on November 20, 2020 at a recommended retail price (RRP) of $499”.

There’s even an expected price of $499!


In another tweet, he claims the PS5 to be backwards compatible. Supporting the discs from original PlayStation since 1994 to all versions till PlayStation 4.

Though Sony hasn’t been to E3 convention this year, its Interactive Entertainment chairman Shawn Layden cleared all the doubts raised by fans in an interview with GameInformer saying, “Just because PlayStation is not at E3 2019 doesn’t mean we won’t be there in 2020.” This strengthened believe of Sony is onto something big next year.

On the other hand, it’s arch-rival Microsoft is in plans for making the much-awaited project, Xbox Scarlett to the public in next year’s convention. PSErebus even predicted the Xbox Scarlett’s price to be around $499. The next couple of years are expected to be full of major announcements. With superior consoles being launched, there will be developers crafting some high-end games for the awesome experiences. Stay tuned.

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