Instagram Outage Map
Instagram Outage Map

Is Instagram down or not. Twitter is flooded with these tweets with in couple of minutes after instagram’s DM service not responding.

When we also try to refresh our DM we get the error “sorry something went wrong, please try after some time”.

All the users are getting the same error everytime. Its not clear what cause this problem. May be within some time all the instagram may hit by the outage.

Because everytime any big service like instagram or other social platform facing big outage. They started from the small like some functions are not working. Then they have to restart everything to get it running.

Its DDoS or not, only instagram can tell us about that. So, its clear that its not only you who hit by this outage.

Maybe other services like Facebook, Whatsapp, Messager may also go down with Instagram. Because they are sharing a similar server farm at some point.

There is no comment or anything like that from the Facebook about this issue. They may be aware of the issue and trying to solve.

We trying to get more what’s going on right now. Right only Instagram’s Direct message tool is not working for many users. Hope, Instagram team figure it out soon.

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