Facebook is down right now almost all over the world. We are the first to report this issue. We faced it at 9:00 PM IST.

First, we faced the issue with WhatsApp, we tried to connect to the WhatsApp web. but its continuously showing that the computer is not connected. When we checked WhatsApp on our mobile then its not working as well.

Then we try to confirm that is it only WhatsApp or the entire Facebook network. THen we found that all the three major services from Facebook are down right now.

Its not confirmed the main issue behind this outage. It’s not the first time any online social media site faced this kind of issue. We hope they will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Because after the pandemic most of the economic activities are dependent on these social media platforms.

We also check the down detector, when we faced this issue, they are showing that all the three services are working fine. So, that means we are the first to report this issue.

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