Disney Plus Down

Disney+ is Down right now. 12 November was the date of Disney Plus Streaming Service launch. Disney Plus users still getting the errors after two weeks of Launch.

It is not clear why the service is down. This may be due to the higher visitor comes to the site. The Disney team may not be expected that much users come to their site on the launching day.

Disney is an online movies and tv series Streaming service provider. If they down on the very first day, this may affect their user base in the future.

This is not the first time, any service outage on the day of the launching. The call of duty for mobile or pc version was also down for two days after launching.

The Subscriber or Disney movies fans are frustrated and excited at the same time. They are tweeting and commenting about this down on the social media site.

According to the down detector, the outage was on the east coast of North America.

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