Discord Downright Now. Discord is the only service that is down every 2nd day.

The issue was first reported by the down detector from Okla at their Twitter as well as their official website.

The servicer users commenting on the discord official social accounts. They also tweet and post on other social media services regarding this issue.

Downdetecter report collection flooded with reports from users all over the world.

Out of those affected, some 90 percent are experiencing Discord server connection issues while others are having login problems.

This service is used by almost all the streamers on twitch and youtube.

There is no official announcement from the Discord yet.

As the Discord issues hit users took to social networking sites to report issues with it.

This outage may be due to their rolling out their new update. In this new update, they are trying to cut the background noise interfering with voice calls.

Yesterday, too many streaming and social media sites were down too.

I think its season of the outage for the online streaming services. Its not clear why discord is down. This server really need some upgrades because lots of users suffering right now. But they Love Discord.

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