Costco down right now. The outage of Costco wholesale is first reported by the down detector by Okla. Buyers are not able to purchase anything from the website.

The main issue is users are not able to add to cart the products from the website catalog. Now, Black Friday deals are live on the website.

This not only affects the users but the website revenue too. If they are not able to sell anything, then how to make a profit. They may lose millions of os dollars within hours.

Users are either going into other competitor websites like amazon, sprint, Walmart and Best Buy. But the pricing at Costco is the main factor why they are choosing this website.

These types of pricing users are not getting from any other website.

The main reason behind this outage may be due to the high load on the server. On Black Friday weekend, users are coming to e-commerce websites to get a product as soon as possible. Because they may not that price, the whole next year.

This may be due to maintenance by Costco because the main doorbuster sale and traffic to the website will come within next 24 hrs. Maybe they are preparing for the farewell.

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