Black Friday PS4 2019 - Latest Deals on PlayStation

Black Friday PS5 2020 Deals are already here. If you always wanted to buy the latest Playstation for you or your loved ones, then this is the best time. You can buy the latest PS5 at a very cheap price on the Black Friday sale.

You can expect discounts on PS5s, games, accessories, and just about everything else that can be sold at retail to start rolling out no less than two weeks before that date. In other words, you should have your plan set for what you’re looking for and start paying attention to the deal-o-verse.

Black Friday PS5 Deals In 2020 On Amazon Prime :

PS4 Slim deals were also popular last year and a console and PS5 Black Friday game bundled together for £220 was a popular offer during Amazon Prime Day. We’ve seen lower prices for the Play Station 4 series. But it looks like, last year, the stock was being cleared to make way for the new PS4 Slim. Sony seems to like the £199 offers, so don’t expect drastic cuts.

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In the UK the PS4 Pro went for about £320 down from £350. Which isn’t much of a saving, though it did come with FIFA 19. A few retailers added another Black Friday PS4 game for an extra £10 too.

Black Friday PS5 Games :

Black Friday PS4 2019 - Latest Deals on PlayStation

Games often get Black Friday PS5 deals too. Last year God of War for PS4 dropped to £20.99. This year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has just come out so is unlikely to be reduced. But PS5 Games like FIFA 21 is likely to have a price cut and appear in bundles along with Borderlands 3 and Doom Eternal.

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You could save about £15 when you get them in a bundle. Black Friday PS4 Games that are slightly older are likely to get the best deals. So look out for Rage 2, Spider-Man, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey as well as Kingdom Hearts III.

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