So you have finally taken that leap and set up your business or blog after much planning and procrastination.

But how can you get to your target audience the wonderful website you have set up with so much effort? 

You need to use a WordPress Hosting Service now that will allow other people to find your website on the internet – where there are already millions of websites available. 

  • Value for money: Many hosting providers offer similar features, but charge 2X-3X more for no reason. These features, such as free domain, support, SSL, CDN, and other, were influential.
  • Speed: 2021 is all about speed. It is possible to expect a lightning-fast WordPress website if your hosting environment is not optimized.
  • UptimeAnother important factor was the uptime of hosting in comparison to industry standards. Anything below the industry standard is discarded. I am a customer of the below-mentioned hosting companies and have checked their uptime to make sure they are worthy of inclusion in ShoutMeLoud’s top WordPress hosting guide.
  • Response time: Hosting providers should respond quickly. Anything less than 200ms is acceptable. I have provided the responses times of several hosting providers. The stress test should not affect the response time. This is why I removed shared hosting providers like Greengeeks and HostGator who failed to perform the stress testing.

Here are some of the top affordable WordPress Hosting Providers trusted by users around the world!

  • Hostinger

This is an affordable WordPress hosting provider that offers various domains and different types of plans you can choose from to buy. You can try out their monthly $1.99 package that still has plenty of features to make your WordPress website look dashing. There are various plans available for different durations and cater to the needs of all types of users. You can get a yearly plan that will include a professional email account, domain name, and so on. It is a wonderful option for beginner-level users who will get a weekly backup option for quite a low price. The price differs with the features provided so you can choose whichever suits your requirements in the best manner. It will also provide you with many tutorials and help you set up an attractive website.

  • Bluehost

If you are committed wholeheartedly to your website, then here is a Hosting Provider that does not have an option for monthly payment but is one of the most affordable WordPress Hosting Providers that offer yearly plans. It also has a money-back guarantee if you do not wish to continue employing the services of this provider. They use the MojoMarketPlace interface for their installation of WordPress sites and are currently serving over 2 million users in hosting WordPress sites. It allows users to set up their WordPress sites with a single click. Their WordPress dashboard is easy to use and it offers various plans in which you can set up from single to multiple websites. 

  • SiteGround

SiteGround is officially recommended by WordPress themselves for their impeccable customer service and high-quality support. It can be proven by the fact that it has won two Stevie awards for customer service. It not only looks after the security and updates of your WordPress site but also sports an array of features such as automated WordPress installation and efficient starter kit, free website builder, SSL certificates, unlimited email accounts, and much more. Their servers are optimized especially for WordPress and no other hosting service will give you such a remarkable performance at such a jaw-dropping price.

HostGator Managed WordPress


There are many other hosting providers such as WP Engine, Cloudways, Dreamhost, and many more. 

You should check which one will help you most efficiently while also falling right into your budget.

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