The Australian bushfires have been fearing the world of environmental depletion. More than 25 million acres have been burnt, killing at least a billion of animals! Updated research reveals that an estimated 1.25 billion animals have been killed in recent fires, and most of them suffering from injuries and are likely to be dying soon.

The fires that were blazing and spreading since early November last year aren’t seemed to be stopping anytime soon, and are affecting other nations too. Latest reports reveal that at least 100+ bushfires are still active in New South Wales. The fires have touched all the states of Australia and research from Chris Dickman, and WWF tells that, around 1.25 billion animals were dead in this catastrophe. The study was based on the 2007 findings for WWF, where every 1.6 million acres of Aussie land, around 104 million animals would’ve lived, now dead. This study involved it the conservative animals and excluded bats, frogs, insects etc.

The estimates figure staggering, and the others which are effected with injuries are most likely to perished soon with no access to medical help and absence of food/water in that barren land. Though the world is pouring millions as funding to aid
marsupials, it isn’t enough. Findings as 30% koalas population being dead and a third of habitable land turning brown tell Australia to need decades to pick up again.

The latest report from NSW police reveals that there are 183 people held accountable and arrested regarding the bushfire catastrophe. These people were charged with cases of breaching fire bans, dumping lit cigarettes on land etc. Out of the total accused, 40 were of juvenile and 24 were charged due to intentionally setting fire!

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