Feeling the Black Friday’s vibe already? If you have purchased all the desired items already, here’s one we suggest you to add: An Antivirus Software.

In the world of rapidly advancing technology, users have many to be exploited through the internet. To safeguard themselves from hackers, malware, and other attackers, they should be using some special software crafted just for defending one’s system from such. And here we are, grouping some best deals on antivirus packages for you. Check out:

  • Norton 360 Delux, Premium, Antivirus Plus is down by $65 to $35 for the annual plan.
  • Click to Activate Norton Black Friday Deal for Canada, USA, Mexico, United Kingdom
  • Hack5 provides you additional security features other than defending, is now for $250 (off by $100)
  • Kaspersky’s Total Security is now priced at $40 (previously $100). This package comes with a built-in VPN and data backup software. You can also find the profit at Kaspersky internet security, and anti-virus products.
  • Click to Activate Kaspersky Deals
  • Bitdefender Total Security Plus, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus’s protection, once $60, is now for $25. Click To activate Bitdefender Deals
  • Avast Antivirus and the premium security is off by 50%. Offered for $35/year which was $70 actually.
  • Click to Activate Avast Deals
  • Trend Micro’s defender is down by 70%. It’s now offered at just $30 (previously $100).
  • VMWare has got 30-35% discounts on all of their products. Check them all.
  • Sophos’ security solutions is now for $35/year, down from $60.
  • McAfee’s Antivirus for 10 devices is now for just $35 (down from $120)

All these deals, once purchased, can serve protection to many devices simultaneously as specified (5-10 devices). These can be desktops, laptops or even mobiles, and not concerning with OS. They defend all kinds of malware, viruses, trojans attacking your systems to breach your privacy and hardware. So you’d better understand their importance. Using an (outdated or no antivirus) can make your system prone to hacking and stealing your data.

These deals are currently live and can be purchased from their respective official websites. Once purchased, they offer fine support throughout installation and working tenure. All these deals slashed by at least 50% and some of offering their plans at 80% discount than general. Better don’t miss it.

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