UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett is obviously a big fan of Jamie Carragher and has grown to adore Gary Neville in recent years, but he simply cannot stand another Manchester United hero. Pimblett is a Liverpool fan and is a fighter for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Carragher and Neville have become an unusual team as pundits for Sky Sports after years of fierce competition against one another on the field during their playing careers.

Since hanging up his boots, Premier League star Paul Scholes has been building a career in punditry, largely with BT Sport. However, “The Baddy” finds him to be uninteresting to watch on television.

You take a look at Jamie Carragher, you belter pundit. In a video message that was uploaded to his YouTube site, Pimblett referred to Gary Neville as a “belter pundit.”

“Paul Scholes, if he were a pundit, I’d sooner watch paint dry than listen to him,” one person said.

The 27-year-old athlete recently astonished his audience when he tweeted out admiration for Neville following an appearance on his podcast, The Overlap, in which he and his partner ‘Meatball’ Molly McCann discussed their experiences competing together.

On Twitter, Pimblett expressed his delight at having the opportunity to “perform The Overlap” alongside Gary Neville.

“It’s odd for me to say, as a scouse Liverpool supporter, what a wonderful gentleman he is when I despised him for so many years, and I told him this, too,” she said.

I really enjoy watching Neville and Jamie Carragher these days since I think they are the best pundits on television.

The Liverpool native astounded Neville while they were filming The Overlap by disclosing that he consumes 11,000 calories a day, binges on junk food, and increases his weight to 205 pounds between fights.

Despite this, Pimblett has gotten off to a great start in the UFC with two first-round finishes in his first couple of fights, the most recent of which was at the incredibly successful UFC London event in March. Pimblett has also had a flying start to his life in the UFC.

Since making the move to the UFC in 2021, the former Cage Warriors featherweight champion has amassed a lot of new admirers and is now on the cusp of becoming a superstar in the mixed martial arts world.

This coming weekend in London, he will take on fellow prospect Jordan Leavitt, who has a record of 10-1 and has won three of his first four fights in the UFC. This will be the first time that he faces an opponent with a higher level of experience than he has previously faced.

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