Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is set to take on his former team, Bayern Munich, in an exciting round-of-16 Champions League showdown. With a history of domestic dominance under Guardiola, Manchester City aims to capture the elusive European club football trophy, which has continuously slipped through their fingers.

Bayern Munich, led by ex-Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel, represents more than just an opponent for Guardiola. During his tenure at the German club, Guardiola won three league titles, two DFB-Pokals, one super cup, and the FIFA Club World Cup. Despite these accomplishments, he faced criticism for not securing the Champions League title for Bayern, the very task many believe he was brought in to achieve.

Guardiola’s time in Munich was not only marked by unmet European expectations, but also by a heated departure. In 2016, the usually calm and collected coach lashed out at an unknown figure within the club for leaking confidential information to the media. Guardiola expressed his frustration, stating that the person responsible was not only hurting him but also damaging the club and the team.

The final stretch of Guardiola’s Bayern Munich tenure also saw tensions rise between him and the club’s medical staff, as he felt key players were not recovering from injuries quickly enough. Combining this with three consecutive Champions League eliminations, it seemed best for both parties when Guardiola left Munich for Manchester.

Seven years later, Guardiola has the opportunity to seek retribution against Bayern Munich as Manchester City prepares to host the German side at the Etihad Stadium on Tuesday night. Although much attention has been paid to Manchester City’s race for another Premier League title, the Champions League trophy remains the ultimate prize they seek above all others.

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