Chelsea’s caretaker manager Frank Lampard expressed support for co-owner Todd Boehly’s frequent visits to the dressing room after matches. In a recent incident, Boehly reportedly launched an angry tirade at the Blues squad following their 2-1 home defeat to Brighton. Despite this, Lampard sees Boehly’s involvement as an indicator of passion and investment in the team.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Boehly described Chelsea’s current form as “embarrassing” and singled out a senior player for underperformance. However, Lampard remains comfortable with Boehly’s post-game presence, saying, “I remember, as a player, the moments when owners came into dressing rooms. I remember being happy that you could touch them and high-five them, you could listen to them and feel them. I don’t think that’s a bad thing in terms of the identity of the club and where you want to get to.”

Lampard also stressed the importance of passionate ownership, saying it can make a difference in a club’s vision and direction. He acknowledged that Chelsea is currently in the early stages of a new process, and it’s natural for people to question everything at the beginning.

Regarding Chelsea’s upcoming Champions League quarter-final second leg against Real Madrid, Lampard believes that “anything is possible in football” and urged the Stamford Bridge fans to create a supportive atmosphere. Despite being 2-0 down in the tie, Lampard expressed confidence in his team’s competitiveness and ability to create a special moment.

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