Anna Lewandowski, wife of Barcelona football sensation Robert Lewandowski, recently opened up about her interactions with Georgina Rodriguez, partner of Cristiano Ronaldo. The two met during the second season of Rodriguez’s Netflix documentary series, “Soy Georgina (I am Georgina),” and have had a few encounters since their initial meeting in Cannes in 2022.

During an appearance on the Onet podcast WojewódzkiKędzierski, Anna Lewandowski shared her thoughts on her brief conversations with Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend. She described their interactions as casual and friendly, but clarified that they haven’t spent significant time together, stating, “It’s not like we were sitting over coffee and having dinner together somewhere.”

The second season of “Soy Georgina” offers viewers a closer look at Georgina Rodriguez’s life, including her relationship with Ronaldo, the birth of their daughter Bella, and the devastating loss of their son in April 2022.

In related news, a former colleague of Georgina Rodriguez, Pablo Bone, has challenged the widely believed story of how Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo first met. While Rodriguez has previously claimed that they met when Ronaldo visited the Gucci store where she was working, Bone offers a different perspective.

According to Bone, who spoke on the Minuto En Cancha podcast, store managers were the only ones allowed to interact with high-profile customers like Ronaldo. He believes that Rodriguez and Ronaldo only got to know each other weeks later at a party.

The story of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez’s first meeting has been a subject

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