Teams from eight conferences have competed for 82 games in order to reach the Stanley Cup playoffs. It takes 16 wins to lift the Cup and some teams may get their first win on Friday night when the first round of play continues.

The series between the Penguins and Rangers is an interesting experiment for NHL bettors. Most of the time experts in the field of hockey handicapping will inform you that 5-on-5 odds are the most crucial thing to include in your handicap. If that’s the case, all the signs suggest the Penguins.

The Rangers enjoyed a strong bounce-back victory in the second game following an emotional defeat in triple-overtime Game 1. The Penguins are fighting a plethora of injuries and counting upon Louis Domingue to win them the game.

Penguins supporters, and even bettors such as myself, believed they could bet that Louis Domingue could keep the momentum going following his emergency appearance in Game 1. Louis Domingue stood on his head, though briefly, and put a stop to all 17 shots the Penguins hit him with. This gave Pitt the opportunity to get it to Evgeni Malkin at 5:58 to end the sixth quarter for the victory.

Players such as McGinn as well as Teddy Blueger, for instance, have a specific concentration on defense however they also need to make the most of the offensive abilities they possess. Blueger achieved a career-high of assists and points, respectively, by registering 19 points and 28, and everyone is aware that the ability to playmaker is there.

On Friday, the goalie on the third-string for Pittsburgh was beaten up, just as you would expect from the third-best goalie of the squad. The Rangers scored 40 shots at goals and also scored 5 times. What’s more impressive is the fact that five Rangers have scored against Louis Domingue and left him with a score that was -1.2 Goals Saved above The Expected.

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