Tim Tebow Purina Photos Credit: Courtesy Purina
Tim Tebow Purina Photos Credit: Courtesy Purina

An extremely sad and heart-breaking video shared over the social media by Tim Tebow, showing the emotions while giving tribute to a sick and ill dog, named as Bronco.

Moreover, “he has made a very special tribute to the cutest boy – giving thanks to all the moments that he spent with him along with the memories“, posted by him on the social platform.
As told by Tim in the year 2018 that “he was just such a good dog” and considered him as a “best friend.” It was posted on the official Instagram of Tim shows he was given a huge piece of cheese before weep out into tears.

In this video of heart-distorting, it appeared that the dog struggled and Tim Tebow tells him “It is okay, go to sleep… go home.”

He asked the followers as well as fans to share the story if they ever get a chance to meet his sweetest dog ever in the past.

The appreciation for the hospitals of animals always mentioned by him, including SEVOMED, UF Small Animal Vet Hospital and Blue Pearl Vet, for taken care of Bronco. But no issues related to the health of Bronco mentioned anywhere over the social platform.

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