The Wildcard round for the current season are over and some of the best NFL performances by the players as seen by the audience has been noted, that might affect their future NFL career.

Trubisky was seen good in making some nice and tricky passes in the clutch situations. Luck is also having a stroke of great luck this season. Tates catch in the middle of the field when he got popped in the arm was also remarkable as it was much better and tough than some of the other easy catches. The whole season till now had been great for Tyler Lockett. The fans also believe that if DeAndre Hopkins has had a consistent QB throughout his career, he would go down as one the best receivers of all time, as he has no drops in 11 TDs and 1500+ yards. Eagles were not seen in the powerhouse as they were in the beginning of the season. The Cowboys are the only team to win at home in the wild card week.

However, NFC East was seen as the weaker division by the analysts, but it has the defending SB champion and two teams are left alive still after the first round. Majority of fans are still claiming Chiefs/Rams Superbowl 53, but it could be Rams or Saints. According to fan views, this will be one of the more exciting Superbowl we have seen in a while like Superbowl 49.

Still from NFL Wildcard playoffs 2018-19

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