The well-known American sports league NFL (National Football League) 2018/19 season matches are ongoing and in recent times are on the lips of every sports lover all over the US. As now wildcard Weekend matches look like specifically even, which made it more confusing to expect, however here’s information about the latest clashes, how things ought to be in the coming days.

Happenings till the group stage clashes:

As from the East Division, New England Patriots are leading the group in the points table. Their amazing playstyle has amused every NFL lover in some of their best matches in this tournament. However, there were some poor performances by the squad but all’s well as end’s well, they are leading the table, which matters most. Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers are having the tie with 12 points each and leading from the West Division. Similarly, Baltimore Ravens are leading from the North and Houston Texans from the South Division. If the key players from the East keep on performing, they could really make some difference in the prediction of fans. From the Other Conference i.e. National Football Conference, Dallas Cowboys are leading from the East and Los Angeles Rams from the West Division. Also, Chicago Bears are leading the group from the North Division and New Orleans Saints from the South Division. Bears and Saints are really having some good matches and are leading with a wide gap from other teams in their respective groups.

Wildcard Weekend

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