The Browns have selected on Saturday K Cade York with the number 124th of the 2022 NFL Draft.

York-born in McKinney, Texas, was widely regarded as an elite kicker player in this draft class. He scored 53 of his 66 field goals during his 3 seasons with LSU with 15 of 18 field goals in the final season. He also scored the extra-point attempt in 164 of 168 and was never unable to miss an extra point in the two seasons prior to his departure. He’s completed the majority of his attempts that were 50 or more yards. He also was a semi-finalist for Lou Groza Award, which is awarded to the best kicker in the United States.

In the 124th overall selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Browns chose the former LSU player Cade York. The selection marks only the second time in 10 years we’ve seen an LSU kicker selected before the 125th selection. The other time this happened was in 2016, when the Buccaneers traded between 59th and 59th overall to acquire Roberto Aguayo. The Browns will surely expect York succeeds in overcoming this. The good thing that is good news for Browns is that if his college experience was an indicator that this is a player which should be successful for them.

York was widely regarded as the top kicker of the draft. York is not just an athletic leg and a strong back, but he also displayed a remarkable ability to hit the ball. In the 2021 season, He was 5-for-7 with field goals with at least 50 yards. If that weren’t sufficient, the player also only missed one shot throughout the season within 50-yards (9-for-10).

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