Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has taken to Twitter to address the swirling rumors about his injury history and contract-related concerns. Many have questioned the former NFL MVP’s priorities after he missed crucial games in the last two seasons due to injuries.

During the Annual League Meeting held in Phoenix this week, multiple clubs with potential quarterback openings dismissed the idea of pursuing Lamar Jackson, citing various reasons. One significant concern raised was the longevity of the player, especially after missing two consecutive Decembers due to injuries.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday night, Jackson strongly refuted allegations that he avoided playing down the stretch of the 2022 season due to his ongoing contract situation. The Ravens quarterback explained that he had been committed to playing throughout the season and was focused on the Super Bowl since April 2018.

Jackson emphasized that he would not have played injured, as it would have harmed his team’s performance. He tweeted, “I rather have a 100% PCL than go out there and play horrible forcing myself to put my guys in a bad situation now that’s selfish to me.”

Lacking an agent to communicate on his behalf, the Ravens quarterback has turned to social media to share his perspective and defend himself against critics. This has included discussing his trade request.

Addressing his recovery progress, Jackson stated, “90% is 100% to me, I wasn’t there at all,” offering insight into his inability to return to the field during the 2022 season’s final games. Neither Ravens head coach John Harbaugh nor any other member of the front office has indicated that Jackson prioritized his contract overplaying.

Regarding his absence from the Ravens’ playoff game against the Bengals in Cincinnati, Jackson explained that his PCL became inflamed after traveling to the Pittsburgh game. He received approval to stay home and recover faster.

With Jackson finally confronting these rumors head-on, fans and critics alike now eagerly await his next move, both on and off the field.

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