With Divisional Rounds coming near, the predictions of the fans are being analyzed from day to day. However those are just the opinions and predictions, and can’t be taken for sure but still, they affect the air and mindsets for all remaining eight competent team players and staff.


NFL Predictions for Super Bowl 2019

Most no. of viewers predicted as Saints or Chiefs are to be more likely the winners of NFL this season. Rams are also being seen as another option after these two with just little less favoring opinions for them. Fans are in doubt for Patriots and Chargers. Whereas, very few have hopes for the Colts, Cowboys, and Eagles. As Colts haven’t played an offense worth their level this year, but still there were games they won worth and were ranked in top 3 defensive games since week 7. Also, there are many positive vibes for cowboys as they emerged as a much stronger team this time. There are some disappoints for Bear fans as they were most expected to be in divisional rounds. But you know, it’s football. You can’t just deny the spirit of players.

I am going to ride with my guy. If you have that C on your helmet, I am going to ride with you to the end. That’s it.

~Akiem Hicks on Cody Parkey

As there is nothing sure in a game or war till the End, so it’s still really unpredictive to be very sure at any decision about the winner or the claims for strongest teams. Its just all about the form and the luck at different days which may change the fate of any player or team at any point.

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