The Golden State Warriors have been pushing forward in their quest to defend their 2022 NBA title, but they’ve been doing so without one of their key players. All-Star forward Andrew Wiggins has now missed 20 consecutive games due to a personal family matter. With the playoffs fast approaching, the Warriors are doing their best to adapt to Wiggins’ absence while remaining hopeful for his return.

The 28-year-old Wiggins, who earned his first All-Star selection last season, has been out of the lineup since February 13. Despite his absence, the Warriors have managed to maintain a 11-9 record during this 20-game stretch, keeping them in sixth place and out of the Play-In Tournament.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr and star player Stephen Curry have both been supportive of Wiggins during this difficult time, emphasizing the importance of giving him space and respecting his privacy. While neither the team nor Wiggins have provided specific details regarding the family matter, it is clear that the situation is taking precedence over basketball.

With no set timetable for Wiggins’ return, the Warriors face the challenge of making a deep playoff run without one of their most talented and versatile players. Last season, Wiggins proved to be an invaluable two-way asset, often taking on difficult defensive assignments and averaging 17.1 points per game this season.

General manager Bob Myers has refuted rumors that Wiggins will not return this season, stating that he has not been informed of any such decision. In the meantime, Wiggins has reportedly been working out daily, although the team has not been able to assess his game conditioning.

As the Warriors approach their final five regular-season games, the team and fans alike will be eagerly awaiting any news regarding Wiggins’ possible return. With Wiggins in the lineup, the Warriors would be a formidable force in the playoffs, but without him, their title defense could be significantly more challenging.

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