Joel Embiid, 76ers (1st All-celebrity selection):
In his 2d season, Embiid may be the primary 76ers participant with two or fewer years of experience to start an NBA All-celebrity recreation since Luke Jackson started the 1965 All-celebrity game as a rookie. If this guy remains healthful, he could be one of the best and maximum dominant the NBA has ever visible. The modern-day NBA has no longer a single participant which can defend him. And he’s handiest getting higher. He hasn’t even been playing basketball for a decade but.he is a beast. we hope he stays wholesome for a long time. this is the first-rate large man on the league nowadays, no question approximately it. that is coming from an NBA fan. Say just one other huge man who has the same goodness, this guy is exceptional. Looking him is extraordinary than any other participant inside the league. he’s so rattling proper at any such younger age its a gift to us all. He has an all-time super game. Pray he stays healthy.

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