With Super Bowl LIII being around the corner, there are just so many things to look at. Everyone or the other are coming up with their predictions and what they are expecting to see between Patriots and Rams.

Youth vsare Experience

A lot happened in the previous matchesfavorand a lot will happen in the coming times. While in 2002, Tom Brady secured the Super Bowl title, marking the start of Patriots dynasty, a lot is to be marked this time. While Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were able to secure five out of eight matches, the Rams are quite inexperienced in front of Patriots as far as Super Bowl Experience is concerned. The experienced are on the side of Patriots; the Rams still have a lot of youth in their favor.

Betting Line

There is a huge difference as far as betting for the two teams are concerned. Both are supposed to be having their charm, but seems like Rams is taking over Patriots in this case. Initially, the betting began with being in favour of Ramsband eventually shifted to Patriots being the favorite. As per the current status, the team stands at 2.5 favorite points.

Random speculation about Patriots

Even though the season favorite were Rams initially, the focus initially shifted to Patriots. As per the reports from CBS Sports, the reports suggest that the experts expect a win of 38-31 for the Patriots. Most of the times the predictions have been made in favor of the Patriots. The game prediction last year did prove to be a little complex with everyone choosing Pats over Eagles.

Everyone has their prediction and what comes true will only be held after the game. The game will surely be an interesting one with a tough competition between Patriots and Rams. So, everyone predicting you can surely get to see the results on 3rd. 

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