The Oklahoma City Thunders are all set to take over New Orleans Pelicans at the Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City. Post the fantastic match of 12th Match, 2018 this is the first time in 2019 when Thunders and Pelicans will be in opposition to each other. Back then, Pelicans stood ahead of Thunders by 118-114.

Thunders vs Pelicans NBA games preview
Thunders vs Pelicans NBA games preview

Thunders Preview

Post the win from Portland Trail Blazers with 124-114, the Oklahoma City Thunders are in the attempt to score over Pelicans too. With their previous game, the Thunders made an excellent win with the 5-5 record score. Paul George, one of the most important players of Thunders have always maintained the league and the significant role. In the previous match, George proved to be a tough competition for its competitors with 8 rebounds, 1 block, 3 threes, 36 points, 4 assists, and 3 turnovers in just 37 minutes.

As far as the league in steals per game is concerned, the team stands at the highest position and similar for the rebounds per game. In terms of points per the game, the team stands in the sixth position.

Pelicans Preview

As far as the last game match is concerned, the Pelicans stand at 5-5. However, the situation is extremely stressful for the Pelicans because they lost their previous match against Detroit Pistons with a 98-94 score.

In terms of goal percentage, the team stands at the 2nd position. Based on points per game, the team stands at the third position and I’m terms of the assists per game, the team stands at the fourth position. In terms of steals per game, free throw percentage and turnovers per game, the team needs to work better to score better.

Where to watch it?

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