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In January, Dennis Smith Jr had many problems and wasn’t able to concentrate in his game because of his tension with the coach, Rick Carlisle. The tension between Carlisle and Smith was extensive in the past few weeks. However, they finally realised that the team did not need materializing and thus, Dennis Smith Jr returned to his game. And his game was definitely to watch out for.

Dennis faced a harsh back injury

With Dennis Smith Jr returning to the team, he made a score of 17 points, 8 boards and 4 assists. The audience got to saw some glimpses of the flashy plays and the common mistakes he did. The common mistakes of DSJ weren’t surprising and gave us the hint that some flaws still need correction. However, the positive point was that the team was an to win with the help of Smith forming an important part of the game. He had a tough time making decisions and missed for the basket too. Overall, he was a problem for the opposition.

Dennis returns to the game after rest

One highlight of the game was Dennis Smith Jr falling on his back, and his team had guarded him and given him some time to recover. Even after falling, he got his spirits up, rose up and started with his game. The failure of Luka scoring a goal came as a disappointment to DSJ. Eventually, Dennis walks out waving towards the fans. After resting for a while, Dennis returned to the game and continued with his play. He was able to deliver a great performance.

The contribution of Dennis Smith Jr is way too much to Dallas Mavericks for the team to turn the game down. Dennis is in need of some time to correct his flaws, and he should have it.

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