The American Airlines Center is all set to witness one of the greatest matches this season between Toronto Raptors and Dallas Mavericks.

Preview of Raptors

Ever since Raptors got their eight wins over the eleven matches they have played, the team has not failed to show its effective impact. But the defeat from Rockets on Friday night by a difference of 121-119 proved to be harmful to the team.

Kawhi Leonard was able to secure a massive win and proved to be extremely helpful for the team by scoring 32 points, five assists and seven rebounds. Then Pascal Siakam came into the scene scoring 22 points and 12 rebounds. Next in the team was Danny Green scoring 22 points. From the bottom, the Raptors had been able to shot up to 48 percent. While they suffered for points in the first half, the Raptors were up by the second shot. The loss of Toronto on the game led to falling by 28-20.

Preview of Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks undoubtedly have been very great in their game scoring three major wins from the eight games they scored. On Friday, they managed to win over Pistons by 106-101. Luka Doncic was the leader of the game scoring 32 points, eight assists and eight rebounds. Dennis Smith Jr was also on the top scoring 19 points and 5 assists. Then, DeAndre Jordan was the one scoring 13 points and 11 rebounds. The Mavericks have however managed to rise by 41 points being able to score 16 points in the fourth quarter.

The Mavericks are moving towards gaining the lead with major wins, while the Raptors are still behind. In the last 11 games, the Raptors are standing with 2-9 ATS while the Mavericks are standing at 14-5-1 ATS. Over the past time, the teams have seen a significant difference in the game. May the best team win, anyway.

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