Mavericks lovers are all into the Luka’s Magic, as he made an amazing game against the Timberwolves.

The young man is believed to be some special for NBA and best rookie so far from a long time. They even claim that referees don’t give him calls and still, he destroys. Yet James Harden takes nothing from home and gets 40 free throws a game. It is believed though that Luka and Giannis are going to make the NBA fan base grow extremely in the next few years. So, NBA is thought to be in good hands. What’s insane is how he never looks out of control.

“He almost looks like he’s painfully slow but he truly he defines as sneaky quick. It’s his mind reading the scenario that allows him to transport so definitively. He read those two pick and roll breakdowns before they even knew they were going to breakdown and that’s what allowed him to attack.” ~ fb fans

He has brought excitement and made Mavs surely a better team by his presence. The subsequent level within the coming years could be thrilling due to the fact he may be very unselfish to look how he balances out scoring more however still retains his unselfishness. He is so so beyond your average 19 years old and humble. This guy gained MVP within the EuroLeague, he’s the actual deal. Nonetheless, some alerts are on for the Mavs due to the reality that they may be 20-22 and may miss the NBA playoffs.

But Luka, in reality, seems to deserve a few unique awards and shiny future at NBA

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