Luka Doncic of Dallas nailed the game with first triple-double of the career

Milwaukee Bucks and Dallas Maverick had a great game on Monday, but unfortunately, Mavericks failed to play its charm. On Tuesday, the team returned, but with a new opponent, Los Angeles Clippers and the game was no less than a delight.

The game marks the best play of DeAndre in the entire season

DeAndre Jordan outgrew everyone’s expectations and was way too amazing in his gameplay. He scored a lot for his team with 13 points, 5 blocks, 0 turnovers, 16 rebounds, and 4 assists. In this game, Jordan did help Dallas Mavericks beat the Los Angeles Clippers for a while in the second half with their 16 straight shots. The audience really hopes the DeAndre Jordan keeps playing some more games like these.

Mavericks vs Clippers: Match highlights

Harrison Barnes was way too away from the slump

Harrison Barnes gameplay was a weird little one with him disappearing for a while in the game and then straightaway jumping to it. With the 20 points, he had already made his mark common and was on 7-14. He played an important role in maintaining the 3-5 deep. By the 34th minute of his game, he was already on 34 rebound, and 1 assist. This does not make it clear that Barnes will quit for a while now.

Luka had a frustrating yet productive time

Luka’s three-point shot did not work quite well for him, and by the halftime, he was already very frustrated. Eventually, Luka moved to tear his shirt off the court. With the help of the free throw line, Luka managed to score the 17-7-6.

Although the Mavericks weren’t too good in their game, they did manage to put the Clippers into stress. Another factor which contributed to them was the absence of Danilo Gallinari from Clippers. Now, Mavericks are all set to face Detroit Pistons in their next match to be held on Friday.

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