NBA League this season is on the verge of ending of its division stage matches. With only a few more clashes to go, it is almost clear for some teams whether they are qualifying to the quarter-finals or not.

The current standings of the teams on the ranking table are as follows:

Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks leading the table from the Eastern Conference with 29 and 27 winning respectively till now. Bucks lost only 11 matches whereas Raptors have lost 12 games. On the other hand, Denver Nuggets are leading from the Western Conference with 26 Winnings and losing the same number of matches as Bucks. Bontemps didn’t point out the Lakers who, after holding their all their chips this season, they had been depending on acquiring at least one big name in the summer season to return. Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors are following Nuggets with almost same no. of winnings. Pacers and 76ers are still struggling for the third place from the eastern conference. Similarly, Los Angles Clippers and Houston Rockets are clearly out of the race from the western conference as Nuggets, Thunders, and Warriors had widened the gap in the league points table. As the season keeps moving forward, one can’t assume that the Raptors to be sitting on their fingers as both the Raptors and Clippers have the edge of being an amazing group without an authentic superstar, that means Leonard could without difficulty take the motive force’s seat.

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