The significance of a strong Center in NBA parlance cannot be ignored. As with every other edition of the game, NBA 2K22 also offers a wide variety of builds for the center position. The attributes while choosing the position become extremely important for gamers who wish to dominate. There is a palette of options to choose from: either go for the taller man or choose the flexibility of a shorter star. Whoever is stationed at the center, plays a crucial role in determining the rebound and paint presence. It is our wilful duty to tell you who makes the best center based on past experience and present novelty. Here We present the best center Builds for NBA 2k22, at the center of the game.

Dragging feet through the court: Who are the best centers in NBA 2k22?

  1. Three-Level Scorer: Whenever the game has reached a pinnacle, it is the three-level scorer that determines what the end result will be. These men are crowd pullers owing to their big frames. They can change the direction of play from anywhere – paint, mid-range, and three-point mark. They also come with a sweet spot based on their frame, they won’t lose physicality-based points and have maximum wingspan.
  • Best attribute: 99 Close Shot
  • Height and Weight: 7’0” and 280 lbs
  1. Glass-Cleaning Lockdown: The classic glass-cleaning lockdown offers you a dual choice: peak rebounds in the paint and simultaneous shutdown defense in the post. The agility of the glass-cleaning lockdown is unmatched and thus their presence in the defense is immensely helpful too. The weight balance for the lockdown stars though lies more in defense, rather than offense. They also provide maximum wingspan.
  • Best attribute: 99 Close Shot
  • Height and Weight: 7’0’’ and 215 lbs
  1. Interior Finisher: This build is crafted for gamers who enjoy breaking through the middle paint. The mix of balance and agility is supplemented with a strongly built physique. Their capability to send the defense abroad while finishing in standing duck style is impeccable. Their strong physical presence allows them to dominate the game and exert maximum wingspan.
  • Best attribute: 99 Standing Duck
  • Height and Weight: 7’0’’ and 215 lbs
  1. Paint Beast: The name beast does justice to the physical strength of this build. The only way to get paint beast out of the game is to put them down using foul means. Their beastly dominance in the middle ensures that nobody from the opponent hovers around the paint. Their exertion of rebounding and blocking is a treat to watch. The only limited weakness that they display is in terms of free throws and shooting.
  • Best attribute: 99 Block
  • Height and Weight: 6’11” and 285 lbs
  1. Pure-Speed Defender: As traditional as it gets, the pure-speed defender will provide the requisite wingspan and agility based on their strong physical size. Their unique ability is to camouflage into top-rated shooters while holding back as interior defenders.
  • Best attributes: 99 Close Shot and 99 Block
  • Height and Weight: 6’9” and 193 lbs

As NBA 2k22 heats up, it’s high time to settle with your favorite center builds and dominate your way through the game.


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