IG Meaning

What Does IG Mean?

The abbreviation “IG” mean “I guess” and “Instagram” according to the context. Chat and text messages, IG generally Stands for “I guess” however, on social media as well as other forums online, “IG” usually refers to Instagram.

From where Did IG come from? IG refers to 

The word I guess is a reference to “estimate” or “suppose,” which is a word that dates back to Middle English. I think it was first introduced at the end of the 1600s to convey some degree of irony or smug certainties (e.g., I suppose I’ll search it on the internet dictionary …, or the English language, I’m guessing will behave however it does as).

Other IG Meaning

When you receive a text message from someone using the word “Ig“, you may believe they’re mentally sick or did not complete their “Igloo” because of a strange reason. In reality, they are saying, “I guess“, since nobody has enough time to say “I guess“.

Kevin- Hey
Kevin- Wanna go out?
Barbara: I’m glad you’re my dear friend.
Kevin- Ig.

IG mean Instagram

Abbreviation IG is used extensively in text messaging and online to be a reference to the sharing of videos and photos application, social-networking.

IG Mean Ignore

IG can also be used to convey its meaning “Ignore.” In this case, IG is sent as an instruction to ignore the previous message.

IG Mean Ignorant

If used in conjunction with the term “Ignorant,” IG describes the person as uncourtly or rude.

Note: If IG is a reference to “Ignore” or “Ignorant,” it’s sometimes written as IGG or IGGY.

IG Mean In-Game

IG is a term used in gaming circles and has its meaning “In-Game” to refer to the events that take place during a game rather than the real world.

IG Mean I Guess

If used to mean “I Guess,” IG is a sign of acceptance of something that has recently been mentioned. IG generally indicates a reluctant agreement instead of a full-hearted one. It is commonly used in lieu in place of “no” to avoid offending.

History of IG

Once we know what the acronym for IG meaning is, let’s examine the past of its use in the world. The term “IG” would first begin to gain popularity among those who were using it towards the time of 2015’s end. It’s not surprising, considering that the decade of 2010 was one of dIGital acquaintance; when people had overcome the shock that came with the advent of the web in 2000 and was looking for ways to make their interactions with the internet more enjoyable and effective.

So, a lot of users with active digital lives began to casually employ various acronyms to effectively communicate with one another on the web throughout the course of these years. As the years progressed in 2016, the term “IG” caught the eye of the public at large and its usage soared to over 300% in just an entire year, from the year’s end until the end of 2020.

When To Use The Acronym “IG”

The most appropriate occasions to use the acronym “IG” mid-sentence, would typically be in a text message where you’re tempted to say “I guess” for some specific reason. It is best to make sure your conversation remains sensible and casual to not run the risk of creating a bad impression of professionalism.

OG or IG Mean

OG is a phrase that is often used in rap and hip-hop culture. OG means “Original Gangster“. The meaning of “original gangster” is someone who is from “the old school” or someone who has a depth of knowledge or experience.

The term “original gangster” is said to have come about in the 1970s. During this time, a Los Angeles street gang known as the crips was quickly expanding. Those who were called “OG” were some of the founding, or “original,” members. As a result, they were called the “original gangsters” or “OGs.”

IG and OG are totally different abbreviations. Where IG is used as a short form of “Instagram”, and OG is used for “Original Gangster“. Both Terms are quite popular on social media.



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