Tokyo Olympics 2020 Opening Ceremony Goes Grand With Athletes and Drones

In a match valid for the 2nd round of Group E, the Canadian team, after tying with Japan, achieved its first victory in the Olympic Games. The opponent of the time was the selection of Chile, which, in turn, also did not make a good debut after being defeated by Great Britain, having another setback in the bracket, now 2-1, with the highlight for Beckie, author of the two goals.

With the result, the Canadians jumped to the top, now with 4 points, but they will have to wait for the duel between Great Britain and Japan to see if they will remain in the lead. The Chileans, on the other hand, due to another stumbling block in the competition, are in the light without any points added so far, and can be eliminated in case of victory for either side in the match that completes the round in the bracket.

Balanced start

In need of a good result, both the Chilean and Canadian teams were thinking of nothing but victory. Thus, they went up in search of opening the score, with Chile risking some shots with Araya, Urrutia and Balmaceda, but all without success.

Responding in kind, Canada did not want to be left behind. However, unlike the opponent, only Buchanan managed to scare the Endler goalkeeper, but the ball ended up not swinging the net.

VAR scores penalty but Canada misses

Improving on the field over time, the North American team tried to reduce the spaces so that the Chileans could not leave playing. With the pressure working, Canada, with possession of the ball, went back to their attacking field, until, at 17 minutes, the referee, through the VAR, checked the image in Pardo’s move in Sinclair, signaling a penalty in followed.

In charge, Beckie even managed to take the goal, but the athlete’s kick ended up hitting the post for the regret of shirt 16.

Beckie redeems

Trying not to be shaken by the mistake, the Canadian team continued with the expectation of trying, at least, to find a goal before the end of the stage. And got it. In the final stretch, at 39, taking advantage of the error made by Endler goalkeeper, who, when trying to move away from Prince’s cross, Beckie took advantage of the rebound, leaving her team at an advantage in the confrontation.

With the teams returning to the field, the Canadian team didn’t want to waste time. At 2 minutes, in the first attack, Beckie received the ball in-depth and, when dribbling the Endler goalkeeper, only had the job of extending the score in Sapporo.

Seeing the opposing advantage grow, the Chileans seemed unwilling to accept yet another defeat. So, moments later, at 12, the VAR again ended up entering the scene, but this time scoring a penalty after Zadorsky took down Zamora in the area. In charge, Araya made history and scored the first goal in the history of the Chilean women’s team at the Olympic Games.

Seeing the possibility of trying to find the equal goal, Chile tried to go up. With that, at 28, he almost managed to score, but the ball ended up exploding on the crossbar.

After the scare, the Canadians remained closed, avoiding any kind of attack attempt by the rivals. Managing the time, in addition to risking some offensive plays, they just let the clock run, giving the cue for arbitration to end the duel with a score of 2-1.

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