Sequel Series of “Vikings”: “Valhalla” at Netflix from Michael Hirst
Sequel Series of “Vikings”: “Valhalla” at Netflix from Michael Hirst

The titled “Vikings: Valhalla” series has been followed up by the Netflix and set by hundred years after the conclusion on the originality of the show. On December 04, a debut of the sixth and final season of “Vikings” is setting up over the history.

The “Valhalla” will again execute as well as produced by the creator of “Vikings”, Michael Hirst and Jeb Sturt serving as the showrunner and writer as well. In addition to Hirsta nd Jeb, the executive director is Morgan O’Sullivan, who played the same role in “Vikings”. The production television will be MGM. Moreover, the upcoming will shoot in Ireland with various members of the production team of “Vikings”.

Hirst explained, “I am very excited that we are announcing for the saga of ‘Vikings’ that is in the continuation”. He continued, “We are aware that millions of fan across the world strived by our show on Netflix and MGM. New stories lines and an amazing vision has been created by the wonderful writer, Jeb Stuart.”

The adventure of most popular Vikings like Leif Erikson, Freydis, Haald Harada and the Norman King William (the conqueror of a descendant of Vikings) will be dramatized in this latest series.

Channing Dungey, vice-president of Netflix, said “The series has everything that people liked about the franchise: unlimited actions with rich characters and a fabulous storytelling that brings beam on ancestors, trustworthiness and supremacy.”


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