The family of Karim Morani, the producer of films like ‘Raavan’ and ‘Chennai Express’ and a close friend of Shah Rukh Khan, is currently in an agitated situation as his daughter Shaza is found Corona positive. He is presently admitted to Nanavati Hospital and the Morni family in Juhu has been quarantined. Nine family members will be tested soon.

India TV’s entertainment editor Joita Mitra Suvarna was tense late in the night when he tried to find out the truth of the news with Karim Morni. But he stated that “It is true that Shaza is found to be Corona positive but has no symptoms. We have admitted her to Nanavati at the moment.”

After the test of the whole family, we will be able to get detailed information about the rest of the members that no other member is affected by this, because they all live in the same house.

Earlier, Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor was also found to be Corona positive. Kanika has been an Adjunct in PGI, Lucknow for a long time. Corona is negative in Kanika’s fifth report after coming to Corona positive four times. However, the doctor says that he will be discharged after the next report is also negative.

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