Katie Price declared Bankrupt

After she spent all her fortune worth £45M, the creditors and the taxman had been pursued Katie Price, a 41-year-old ex-glamour Model.

Katie Price was today announced bankrupt at a court in the wake of confronting further legitimate activity over her spiralling obligations.

Now, all her assets sell-off by a trustee, who could be appointed by the ruling, including all assets she owes including her nine-bedroom mansion with a stud farm in West Sussex, worth £2miilion.

In the previous hearings, it was told to her to pay £12,000 to creditors on a monthly basis which she failed to pay, and it supposed that the debts of £8, 00, 000 owes by Price.
The case was brought to the court by the JMW Solicitors, who looks over the individual Voluntary Agreement of Price after she failed to pay the monthly amount.

“She hasn’t acknowledged the petition”, said Adam Taylor, JMW.

In the course of recent years, there have been reports that the ex-model, a sharp steed rider, had been attempting to auction her pink horsebox and some of her creatures. Her £2 million chateaus, the previous home of legislator Francis Maude, flaunts nine rooms, a two-room annexe, 12 sections of land, a pool, tennis court and stables.

The specialist insolvency and companies’ court, Judge Jonathan Middleton said, “I d judge Ms Price to be bankrupt. The date is today, and the time is 12:35.”

Her case was heard at the Rolls Building in London today, a month and a half after a judge gave the thumbs up for her to be presented with another chapter 11 appeal.

Not long ago, Price uncovered that she has “no decision” however to put her 16-year-old impaired child Harvey, who has a chemical imbalance and Prader-Willi disorder, into care. Harvey’s dad is previously footballer Dwight Yorke, who mentioned a DNA test to demonstrate that Harvey was his child after he was conceived. He has since been missing from his life.

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