Virender Sehwag, the swashbuckling former Indian opener, recently shared his thoughts on the current crop of Indian cricketers, naming two players who, according to him, come close to his batting style. Known for his fearless and aggressive approach to the game, Sehwag has been regarded as one of the most destructive openers in cricket history.

In a candid interview, Sehwag stated that he doesn’t believe there is any player in the Indian team who bats exactly like him. However, he did identify two cricketers who somewhat resemble his style of play. The first player he mentioned was opener Rohit Sharma, who has displayed similar aggression and fearlessness in his batting, along with an ability to score big runs consistently.

The second player Sehwag named was the young and talented Rishabh Pant. While Pant is primarily a middle-order batsman, Sehwag sees glimpses of his own batting style in the way Pant approaches the game. He lauded the youngster’s fearless attitude and ability to score runs quickly, much like Sehwag himself did during his playing days.

Additionally, Sehwag took the opportunity to share some advice for Rishabh Pant. He urged the young batsman to focus on his fitness and maintain a good level of discipline, both on and off the field. Sehwag believes that Pant has immense potential and can achieve great things in his career, provided he stays committed to the game and works on improving his fitness levels.

While Sehwag acknowledged that no player can replicate his exact batting style, he expressed his admiration for the way Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant have been performing for the Indian cricket team. It remains to be seen whether these two players can continue to carry the legacy of Sehwag’s fearless and aggressive brand of cricket in the coming years.

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