Cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar has recently urged the International Cricket Council (ICC) to reconsider its ban on the use of saliva for ball maintenance, emphasizing the importance of saliva in preserving the ball’s condition during a match.

The saliva ban was introduced in 2020 as a safety measure against the spread of COVID-19. However, Tendulkar believes that the use of saliva is vital for bowlers to get a proper grip on the ball and generate swing. The legendary cricketer expressed his concerns at the Conclave 2023 event, stating that the absence of saliva has led to a decline in the quality of cricket.

Tendulkar pointed out that artificial substances like wax and bowling machines have failed to replicate the desired effects of saliva on the ball. The master blaster suggested that the ICC could explore options like players using a personal saliva kit, which would allow them to use their saliva on the ball without the risk of spreading the virus.

The cricket legend also emphasized that the use of saliva is an integral part of the game and has been a traditional method for ball maintenance. Tendulkar urged the ICC to find a balance between ensuring player safety and maintaining the essence of cricket.

The ICC has yet to respond to Tendulkar’s comments, but his advocacy for the return of saliva usage in cricket has sparked a debate on the topic. Fans and experts alike are eager to see if the governing body will reconsider its stance, keeping in mind the importance of preserving the integrity of the sport.

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