London: Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani Nobel Peace Prize winner, poses for a photograph during a media opportunity to speak to cricket legends and celebrities from each of the competing nation ahead of the Cricket World Cup opening party along The Mall in London, Wednesday, May 29, 2019. The opening Cricket World Cup match takes place on Thursday at The Oval in London. AP/PTI(AP5_30_2019_000122A)

The 12th ODI World Cup will be played in England and Wales On Wednesday; there was an inauguration ceremony at London Mall near Buckingham Palace. Two or two representatives from all the countries participating in the tournament reached Samaroah. On behalf of India, former captain Anil Kumble and actor Farhan Akhtar reached. Right there, Pakistan is represented by cricketer Azhar Ali and Nobel laureate Yousufzai. The 60-second Challenge game was played among all the delegates at the ceremony. In this, the Indian team remained at the bottom with 19 runs. England scored the highest score of 74 runs. Pakistan scored 38 runs.

Asked about the performance of the team from Malala after the game challenge, he said, adding, “In Pakistan, we performed well, it was not bad, we stayed in seventh place. Like little India, there is no way back.’

Malala trolls users on twitter

Following this statement, the users trolled Malala on Twitter. Users said this to be an abomination towards India. One user wrote, “You praised Pakistan, where you can not even go. You are the dishonor of India in the same way as a Brainwash Pakistani does. You can travel safely to India.’

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