Will Queen Elizabeth II Step Down from the Throne?

Even before she started her reign, young Queen Elizabeth made a promise on her 21st birthday in 1947 to the people of the United Kingdom.

Queen Elizabeth is dedicated to the people of Great Britain

Being queen is not merely a job for Queen Elizabeth II, it is who she is. Like other monarchs, she wasn’t elected, hired, or appointed queen (or king, as the case may be).

“Queen” is not a job title but a state of being

Abdication isn’t merely retiring or taking a step back from duties, it means renouncing the throne. When King Edward VIII, Queen Elizabeth’s uncle, abdicated in 1936, he set off a constitutional crisis that threatened the very existence of the monarchy.

Abdication is a drastic step

While it might seem reasonable to outsiders that Queen Elizabeth might step down from the throne, or abdicate, because she is getting older and possibly physically frailer, it’s highly unlikely that the Queen would take such a drastic step.

No British monarch has ever abdicated due to advanced age

Though her popularity took a nosedive during the 1990s in the Princess Diana era, Queen Elizabeth’s popularity is currently at an all-time high: 76 percent, according to a YouGov poll of Britain.

The British people like her

During her February 2022 Accession Day speech, in addition to renewing her devotion to Britain, the Queen made public her wish that when Prince Charles ascends the throne, his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, “will be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service.”

The Queen’s Accession Day speech gives the impression she is staying put until the end

Even if the queen were to abdicate due to her advanced age, the fact is that her heir, Prince Charles, is also of retirement age; born in 1948, the Duke of Cornwall is already well into his 70s.

Prince Charles is not exactly young, himself

Ever since the late Prince Philip retired from his duties in 2017, the Queen has been accompanied at many public events by Prince Charles.

The royal duties are already being delegated to the younger generation

For several years now, the British government has been planning and even rehearsing for all that will happen when the Queen dies.

Plans are already underway for the Queen to reign until her death

In the event that Queen Elizabeth cannot actually act as queen, such as in the case of severe illness, a regency with Prince Charles as Prince Regent would be formed.

What if the Queen becomes unable to rule?