Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

This is the first possibility to rule out, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). Stepping on glass or a thorn, breaking a claw, being stung by a bee, or getting burned on hot asphalt are just a few things that may have happened to your pup to cause this behavior.

An injury

Fleas, ticks, and mange can irritate and itch like crazy anywhere on your dog’s body, including, of course, his feet. Especially during the summer months, parasites could be the cause of your dog licking his paws.


It may not be intuitive, but food allergies are known to cause itchy paws in dogs. While it’s unclear exactly why the paws specifically seem to be affected, this is among the first things vets look to in cases of a dog licking paws.

A food allergy

A dog who is continuously licking his paw may be experiencing pain—but not necessarily in the paw. Per the West Suburban Humane Society in Chicago, many dogs that feel pain anywhere in their body will lick a front paw as a means of coping with it.


Dermatitis in dogs can be triggered by an allergic reaction to something in their environment. Lawn chemicals, rock salt or other de-icing products, or weeds and plants are the usual suspects.


Boredom or anxiety can show up as a dog licking paws, according to the West Suburban Humane Society. Don’t go by appearances here. Even high-energy dogs can be bored, and pups that seem calm can be anxious under certain circumstances.

Behavioral issues

If your dog happens to be a greyhound, this is a definite possibility. Greyhounds are virtually the only breed that gets corns, due to the unique way their feet are formed.

A corn

An important note: No matter what the reason for a dog licking his paws, the moisture can cause a bacterial or yeast infection, says the AKC.

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